Steve Shah

Steve Shah is the Sr. Director of Product Management and Product Marketing at Citrix Systems, NetScaler Product Group. His primary responsibility there spans overall leadership for product management covering NetScaler and cloud products. Leveraging his 20 years of industry experience, Steve provides the Voice of the Customer.

Prior to Citrix, Steve founded and led RisingEdge Consulting which provides strategic marketing services for a number of venture capital and infrastructure companies in conjunction with Ridge Partners. Some of Steve's customers include Citrix Systems, GreenBorder (now Google Chrome), Coyote Point Systems, Coradiant (now BMC End User Experience Management), Silver Peak, and Amadeus Capital.

During this time, Steve was also the co-founder and VP of Product Strategy at Asyncast, a next generation consumer mobile platform for telcos to use for publishing Pandora-style content feeds. Steve's work here led to the creation of novel techniques in machine learning as well an implementation of an elastic private cloud.

Before taking the entrepreneurial route, Steve played a prominent role in the L4-7 Application Delivery market at Citrix/NetScaler, Array Networks, and Alteon Web Systems covering Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), SSL-VPN, and Application Firewalls. His contributions at Citrix/NetScaler helped grow the company from $10M to $100M in three years and led to NetScaler's $320M acquisition by Citrix Systems.

A key part of Steve's strategic insight comes from his decade of experience as a kernel/network engineer and Unix/Network administrator. Having both developed and deployed network infrastructure, Steve brings a unique depth to his understanding of customer business needs. In addition to his hands on experience, Steve is the author of Linux Administration: A Beginners Guide and several other books on Unix and networking.

Steve currently serves on multiple advisory boards. He holds a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Creative Writing and a MS in Computer Science from University of California, Riverside. He is a regular speaker and panelist at industry events.